Document Management System (DMS)

iVision Software has developed a web based application “Document Management System” which is efficient and powerful enough to meet the requirements of medium and large scale organizations.

In medium and large scale organizations, paper work is massive and documents are physically stored over the years. Many companies are still following paper based document filing and the entire process of creation, filing, editing and sharing of documents is done manually which is inefficient, unreliable, costly and unsustainable. It becomes a hectic, time consuming and cost concern to keep track of documents.

Organizations do not realize the loss they sustain by maintaining documents physically. Searching a document will cost human resources and also their valuable time. Marginal incompetence and carelessness while handling high priority documents can prove disastrous for companies.

Any organization can overcome all the hazards by adopting electronic and automated approach for document management. By doing so, proper workflow structures can be incorporated to create, modify, access, review, approve and search documents.

iVision Software used the new technologies and developed web based Document Management System which help team to create, edit, modify, share, search documents etc. features within the department and across the company with different locations.


Sharepoint 2007/2010, .Net, MySQL,Javascript, Ajax, Jquery


  • Web based Service Document Management System
  • No client installation required
  • Tightly integrated with Active Directory
  • Easily Document creation, review and approval
  • Automated E-Mails, Escalation and Workflows
  • Security and Access Control
  • Generate reports on real time dat
  • Searching and Indexing Capability
  • Supports Multiple File Types like Word, Excel, Text, PDF, AVI, MPEG etc..
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Reports and Metrics
  • Frequently Asked Questions